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Attorney Jeff Zarzynski

Jeffrey Zarzynski

Personal Injury Attorney Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Thirty Plus Years of Experience
  • Wisconsin Super Lawyer
  • Earned Millions For Wisconsin Accident Victims
  • "Your full recovery is the only thing you need to worry about, we'll take care of everything else."
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even the most minor car accidents can be traumatic. Most people don't know how to navigate the complicated insurance claims system without the assistance of a competent and experienced professional. You will need a "Go To" Lawyer to help you sort it all out.

We understand how frustrating it is immediately after an accident to not have reliable transportation when your car is a mess. We charge no fee to settle your automobile property damage. This courtesy represents our commitment to help you after a loss.

The insurance claims process is a matter of proper documentation of injury and financial loss. Medical records help document matters, but are usually not enough. We are experienced with the types of proof your damage claim will require.

Understand this, all insurance companies know their rights and know how to challenge your claim. The aggressive and experienced representation you will receive from Jeffrey Zarzynski will put you at an advantage, not just on an equal footing.

Coordination of health insurance with automobile insurance can also be most confusing. Your health insurance may have a right to be reimbursed if it pays health benefits for an injury caused by someone else. Proper dialogue and communication with these companies is important during your rehabilitation period. Once again, our staff will handle these responsibilities for you. All injury claims are handled on a contingency fee basis, without any advance costs to you.

Jeffrey Zarzynski is a Wisconsin Super Lawyer
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